Working side by side with educators to maximize student learning

Consultant Wendy Barden has more than three decades of experience as a music educator and K-12 program administrator, and her work has influenced teaching and learning in thousands of classrooms. Bring her expertise and practical experience into your district, school and classroom through curriculum development, workshops, publications and student surveys. 

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Why work with Segue Consulting Partners?

Looking for practical, research-based support for your music or extra-curricular programs? With more than three decades of administrative and classroom experience, we’re here to partner in your work to maximize student learning! Segue Consulting Partners offers a variety of dynamic services tailored to meet your needs:

  • Standards-based music curriculum development
  • One-day workshops on a variety of music-related topics
  • Onsite professional development in music – clinics or workshops,
    Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), ongoing coaching and support
  • Field study workshops for educators – travel, learning, fun!
  • Student surveys for athletics and other extra-curricular activities – ideal for every school looking to understand and improve extra-curricular programs 

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