Recorder Excellence - Teacher's Edition

Wendy Barden

476 Pages, Spiral-bound Paperback
ISBN: 0-8497-0692-0
Edition: W52T

Playing the recorder is a great way for everyone to learn music—at school or at home, in class or just for fun!  Recorder Excellence by Bruce Pearson and Wendy Barden is an engaging, comprehensive curriculum that develops learning in four areas of music—playing, singing, creating, and understanding.  Multimedia features include play-along accompaniments and computer-based real-time feedback.

Additional text and duplicable pages in the Teacher’s Edition make it easy for you to provide students a comprehensive music experience with recorder playing at the core. 

· Rhythm and Melody Reading Enrichment lines help you focus on literacy
· Theory and composition activities reinforce concepts
· Songs “just for singing” keep students singing and reinforce concepts or themes
· Percussion ensembles and recorder consort parts extend ensemble skills   
· Musical Instruments unit and Listening Maps develop listening skills
· Steps for dances common during the Renaissance add movement
· Performance assessment lines, written quizzes, and practice journals help you check for understanding